The Heritage Service | 8:30

Our Heritage service is our most traditional service. We believe in upholding the values and traditions that founded the church. Our clergy wear the traditional garb, and there is a focus on music from the United Methodist Hymnal. View a short clip of a typical Heritage service below.



The Blue Jeans Service | 9:45

The Blue Jeans service has a casual atmosphere. The music is current, modern, and accompanied by technology. While the sermon remains the same as in the other services, there are slight variations which may appeal to a less traditional crowd. Here is a quick example of a typical Blue Jeans service.



The Open Table Service | 11:00

The Open Table service is a unique worship experience that reaches every age group from children to the elderly. Each section of the service is lead by members of all age groups, as we believe it is important to involve everybody in acts of worship. Another unique element to the Open Table service is the opportunity to receive Holy Communion each Sunday. View a short clip of our Open Table service below.