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Alpha ends November 14, at Central Campus. Alpha in Spanish is being offered at Vessel Church Sundays until November 18. If you are interested in attending Alpha, please fill out the registration form below.

Alpha is a weekly get-together with friends.  We sit around a table, share a meal, and talk about life.  The guided discussions help us learn more about ourselves and why we are here.  We sit at the same table each week with the same friends and make discoveries together.

Alpha stands for:

  • A – Anyone – Alpha is for anyone: non-Christians, new Christians, mature Christians, church goers, and non church goers.
  • L – Learning and Laughter – At Alpha we have a lot of fun during our meal time and discussion time.  Expect a few bad jokes!
  • P – Pasta or Potatoes or Pizza – We are going to eat, and we are going to eat well!  Even your children will have their own kid-friendly menu.  (Check back here. The Central Campus menu will be posted.)  Vessel will be serving potluck-style meals, and they are surely going to be delicious!
  • H – Helping one another – Alpha brings people together in a spirit of love and helpfulness.  It just happens that way.  Everyone belongs and we all become friends.
  • A – Ask anything – No question is too simple.  No question is stupid.  No question is too hostile.  That’s where the H comes in; we’ll help each other answer the questions.

Questions?  If you aren’t sure you want to sign up for Alpha, fill out the form below and try it out, or call Frances at 918-341-4580, ext. 331.  She will be happy to give you more information about the Alpha program.

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