Published September 26, 2018

If you have a pet of any size or shape you are invited to join us as we celebrate the wonder and beauty of God’s creation at our Blessing of the Animals.

On Sunday, October 7, at 3:30, we will hold a brief service at the gazebo in downtown Claremore to thank God for and ask God to bless our animals.  This annual event is always very special and fun, as we rarely have our four-legged friends (or no-legged, in the case of our slithering and swimming friends) with us in worship.

This is a great event for the entire family, young and old alike. We will celebrate the extraordinary friendships, love, and joy God has given to us through our household pets.  Our pets are truly gifts from God, and we hope you will join us as we take time to thank God for our amazing pets.

Don’t forget to invite your friends and neighbors to bring their pets along.

“Many of us see God in nature, especially in our household pets,” said Rev. Stephen Cagle.  “Animals  are, of course, not the same as human beings: they are not made in God’s image, and are, as a result, not rational beings. At the same time, animals give many of us great joy in our lives. The affection of a pet is a real and beautiful thing. Our pets are truly a gift from God, and we would are taking some time to thank God for what he has given us.”

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