Updated October 6, 2018

We have run out of books!  If you would still like one of the books, we will try to order one for you. Please contact a member of the church staff.

Published  September 4, 2018

During the months of September, October, and November, we will be reading together, as a church, a devotional book called Knowing, Loving, and Serving God: Steps to the Life God Intends.

As we journey along this devotional path together, our goal is to become more deeply committed to Christ than we have ever been. The pastors’ messages will reinforce the book’s readings as we  explore a different section of the book each month. In September we will delve into knowing God through the study of scripture.  In October we’ll look at growing more in love with God. And in November we’ll talk about using our God-given gifts to serve God and others.

Each daily devotion includes a scripture, an illustration or story, and a brief written prayer.  We hope that by making a daily practice of reading these short devotionals and scripture your life will be transformed as you develop or continue the habit of daily Bible reading, and daily prayer.

The book is available for $10 each on Sunday mornings at Vessel Church and Central Campus.  It is also available weekdays at Central Campus.

Below is a list of the sermon topics for the series. If you miss a sermon, you can watch the video by clicking here.

Weekly Sermon Topics:

  • Knowing God
    • September 9     Having a relationship with Jesus Christ
    • September 16   Developing an understanding of the Bible
    • September 23   Being filled with the Holy Spirit
    • September 30   Living a life of integrity
  • Loving God
    • October 7     Recognizing the love of God
    • October 14   Choosing to trust the love of God
    • October 21   Being transformed by the love of God
    • October 28   Expressing the love of God
  • Serving God
    • November 4     Serving God with our time
    • November 11   Using our spiritual gifts
    • November 18   Reflecting God’s generosity
    • November 25   Sharing our faith

If you missed a sermon, you can click here to see the video!

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