Published June 23, 2018

For the first time ever, students who will be going into the 6th grade this fall will be able to participate in Youth Force, July 15 to 20! We are calling this special program for 6th graders YITI, Youth in Training Initiative. And those that participate in YITI are called YITIs.

Registration Deadline Is Sunday, July 8th

Youth Force is an annual mission experience for junior high and high school students. Students work in the community repairing homes, doing yard work, and building wheelchair ramps. Since Youth Force is at Claremore First United Methodist this year, our 6th graders get to be YITIs!

YITIs eat, work, and worship with the older youth then get to sleep in their own beds at night. YITIs also get to do some other fun things during the week. The YITI program is free, but some of the recreational activities may have a minimal charge.

You can learn more about the YITI program by talking to Susan Goins. Call her at 918-341-4580, ext. 325, or email her a  To register your 6th grader, pick up a form in the Children’s Center. The registration deadline is June 8th.


    1. Youth Force is July 15 to 20. For details like times and what 6th graders should bring, you may contact Susan Goins at 918-341-4580, ext. 325.

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