UPDATE – June 9, 2018: We are no longer accepting homeowner applications. Deadline for adult and youth to sign up is June 15. Both youth and adults may sign up on this form.

Click here to see a list of all the rolls we need to fill to have a successful Youth Force. Find where you fit in then contact BJ to let him know what you want to do.

July 15 to July 20, approximately 160 youth will be eating, sleeping, and worshiping at our church! These teens will be working hard each day making home repairs and sharing the love of Christ with the Claremore Community. This is a tremendous undertaking! There is something anyone can do to help support these young people.

Youth Force support can look like everything from delivering Popsicles for work sites to giving out technical advice. BJ has a complete list, but here are just a few things you can do to help:

  • Locate homes that need repairs. If you know someone who owns a home that needs repairs, yard work, or a wheel chair ramp, please print out a homeowner’s application and ask the homeowner to fill it out. Applications are also available outside BJ’s office door (in the brick area).
  • Be an adult helper and make all those youth feel welcome and keep them comfortable. BJ has a list of things you can do to make Youth Force happen.
  • Be God Squad Leader who can commit to being with our youth from July 15 to 20.
  • Be a Tech Angel who can lead work teams July 16 to 19.

Learn more about how you can help our youth bless others. Call BJ at 918-341-4580, ext. 304, email him at bjdanner@claremorefumc.org., or CLICK HERE to ask BJ to get back with you. There will be meetings in May for different Youth Force teams. If you will contact BJ with what you want to help, he will keep you informed about meetings and other things you need to know.

Click here for youth registration.

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