Christmas Eve morning, December 24th, “How Should a King Come?”, a dynamic and blessed Christmas musical drama will be presented in all three of our Central Campus morning services.  At the 8:30 and 11:00 services, our Chancel Choir and Chancel Orchestra will be at their very best as they provide music for the drama. At 9:45 the drama will be presented with contemporary music by worship band, Atoned.

This sweet and fanciful drama demonstrates that the angel’s message was clear – a Savior had been born! And this, they said, is how we will know Him: we will find Him wrapped in cloths, lying in a manger. The Messiah—born in a manger! The King of Kings—in a cattle stall!

If you have ever wondered about the first Christmas in heaven, we will be given a glimpse into what might have happened when the angels first came to understand God’s redemption plan. From the viewpoint of two angels, Gabriel and Michael, our imagination will be rekindled and our hearts blessed. And Grandpa and Charlie will win your hearts as we learn how Michael affected another very special Christmas down here on earth.

Bring the whole family to see Christmas in heaven and on earth in a brand new way!

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