On Sunday, October 8, we begin part two of our journey through the Bible.  For the next seven weeks, we will explore the call of God in the lives of the women and men of the Old Testament.  And as we consider the call of God in the lives of people like Abraham, Deborah, and Isaiah, we’ll be listening for God’s call in our own lives.

One thing is for sure, God is calling!  The question is, “who’s next?”

  • October 8 – “Fork in the road” – the calling of Abraham
  • October 15 – “The reluctant leader” – the calling of Deborah
  • October 22 – UMW Sunday  – Guest speaker at Central Campus – other campuses will have their campus pastors.
  • October 29 – “Worshipping play and playing with worship” – the calling of Samson
  • November 5 – “It’s worth a try!” – the calling of Josiah
  • November 12 – “Being who you are” – the calling of Daniel
  • November 19 – “A song of Thanksgiving” – the calling of David
  • November 26 – “Here I am, Lord” – the calling of Isaiah

We look forward to seeing you in worship at any of our weekly services:

  • Sunday mornings: Central Campus at 8:30, 9:45, and 11:00; Vessel at 9:00 and 10:30
  • Sunday evenings: She Brews Coffee House in downtown Claremore at 6:30
  • Wednesday mornings: ETA Coalition, McDonalds on Hwy. 66, at 6:30a
  • Tuesday evenings: Celebrate Recovery, Central Campus, Family Life Center at 7:00
  • Thursday evenings: Bridge Service, Central Campus Family Life Center at 5:45

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