You can help us put a picnic shelter at the church pond.

Donations are being accepted to build a large pavilion to provide shelter for the many activities held at the pond.  Here are a couple of ways you can help:

Pick a Pole!  The pavilion will have 18 poles.  If you, your family, or your group (think Sunday school class) donates $1000, your name will be placed on a plaque, which will be fixed to a pole.  But wait!  You could donate $500 for half a pole or $250 for a quarter of a pole and still get your name or the name of your group, on a plaque for a partial pole!

Lift and Letter! (or Extract and Envelope!)  Have you noticed the brightly-colored envelopes in Disciple Hall and at Vessel Church?  If you look closely, you will see dollar amounts on the envelopes.  Amounts range from $1 to $100.  Choose the amount you would like to donate, please that amount in the corresponding envelope, and put it in the locked box near the envelopes.

The campaign to build a pavilion is going great!  We are very close to having enough money to purchase the shelter, but we will not begin until all the money is collected.  You can make your donation online by clicking here.

The pond area is used for baptisms, weddings, the church picnic, movie nights, Bible studies, and all sorts of other gatherings.  A pavilion will allow the area to be used even more, as it will provide shade on hot days and shelter from rain.  Won’t you help provide a pavilion for the pond?


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