Updated August 16, 2017

LASTEST NEWS:  There will be a meeting on Saturday, September 16, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Hominy First United Methodist Church, in Hominy Oklahoma.  If you want to help, it is important that you call James Hughes at 619-572-8028 to see what you can do to help with this ministry.

Sharing the love of Christ with incarcerated men brings hope to those in prison as well as their families.  It is also a profound experience to those involved.

Kairos Prison Ministry published July 3, 2017

A group of men will be providing an Emmaus-type weekend at the correctional facility in Hominy, Oklahoma, November 30 to December 3, 2017.  This can be a life-changing experience for the incarcerated men who elect to participate.  Men are needed to facilitate the experience inside the prison walls, but women are also need to help provide logistics for the weekend.  Contact James Hughes at jmz3hmc@yahoo.com or Tim Heemstra at 918-884-8471.

Please consider being part of this important ministry.  Help those who feel they have no hope find forgiveness in Jesus Christ and learn they are loved.

What can you do to help?

Join the inside team – you will need to submit applications and undergo some training.  If you feel like God is calling you to be part of this team, please contact James or Tim soon so you can complete the requirements in time.

Support the team in Hominy during the weekend

  • kitchen crew – Thursday only
  • runners
  • kitchen crew – all weekend
  • pack cookies – Saturday and Sunday before the weekend
  • clean up Sunday

Pray for the weekend – The  weekend cannot be a success without your prayers.  Please pray for the team, participants, the whole prison, chaplain, warden, and officers.

The prayer chain is a visible indication of God’s love for these inmates.  Everyone who is praying will be a link in the chain which will surround them during the weekend.  Don’t miss this opportunity to make a Christian difference in these men’s lives.  Sign up for the by emailing jmz3hmc@yahoo.com.

Bake Cookies – We need about 5,000 dozen cookies (that’s right, 60,000 cookies!).  We distribute chocolate chip, peanut butter, and oatmeal cookies to all the inmates, prison staff, wardens, etc.  It makes a huge impact on them. Please help us bake cookies.  Instructions and recipes are available here.

Artwork and Agape – Placemats made by children, other Sunday school classes, or small groups show God’s love and provide encouragement.  Encouraging notes can be included in letters to the inmates.  Please do not seal envelopes. If you sign cards, letters or artwork, please sign only your first name.  A child can put their first name and age.  Have a class or small group make a poster.

Attend Closing – December 3rd (application required)

Make a Donation -It takes approximately $175 per participant x 42 ($7,350) to put on each 4-day weekend. If you feel led to give a financial gift, it will be gratefully accepted.  You may make your check out to “Kairos Oklahoma” (memo DCCC #26).

You may also sponsor a “meal ticket” by donating in increments of $10 (for one meal ticket) as many times as you wish.  The meal tickets go out with the placemats and are a great way to make a big difference.

Additional information for making donations to Kairos ministry can be found here.


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