Fall Festival, October 25

Our annual Fall Festival will take place from 3:00 to 6:00 on Sunday, October 25.  The community is invited dress up in consumes and participate in fun games and activities from 3:00 until 5:00.  All activities require tickets.  At 5:00 children can get free candy when they trunk or treat.  At 5:30, our youth band Elevate will provide a free concert.

This is a fundraiser for Generation Next Youth group.  Money raised at the Fall Festival provides funds for camps and mission trips.

The youth is in need of your donations of wrapped Halloween candy to give away as prizes.  You may drop off your donations in the youth office.

They also need people to decorate their cars and pass out candy for trunk or treat.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Jennifer Willis at the church.


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Stepping Stones Open House and Book Fair

Stepping Stones Learning Center is having a come-and-go open house on Tuesday, October 6.  It will start with a prayer circle in the parking lot at 6:15 then everyone is invited into the Children’s Center.  Everyone is invited to see the beautiful facility and learn about the wonderful things the Stepping Stones children learn during the week.

Stepping Stones is also having a monster of a book fair.  The shelves are full of books for every age.  There are toys and school supplies for the younger crowd as well.  The book fair runs until October 8 and is open from 8;30 until 4:00 every day.  Proceeds from the book fair go toward helping Stepping Stones purchase supplies for the preschool.


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Youth Sunday Night Sermon Series – Identity

Jaimie Willis, Director of Student Ministries, has begun a new sermon series for Sunday nights called, “Status Update.”

“It is all about identity,” said Jaimie.  “Students are living in a world that tries to define them in ways contradictory to God’s Word.  The world is telling them they have to dress a certain way and that popularity is the most important thing in life.  We live in a world where fame is valued and easier than ever to obtain.  In this series, we will uncover the truth about God’s plan for His people using the backdrop of social media.”

Image (using Instagram as an illustration) – “Who am I?”  God created us on purpose.  He created us in His image – not the way we look but the way we act and our ability to love.  We were created to reflect God and who He is.

Trending (using Twitter as an illustration) – “What am I?”  While popular culture is trying to conform us to it, we must conform our minds to Him by allowing Him to change us from the inside out.  Do not follow the trends of the world; allow God to define you and shape the way you live.

Connection (using Facebook as an illustration) – “Why am I here?”  God created us to be in relationship with Him and with other people.  He is a relational God.  Jesus’ greatest commandment is that we love God and love others.

Remain (using Vine as an illustration) – “Whose am I?”  Jesus says He is the vine and we are the branches.  He tells us to remain in him.

Join Jaimie and Generation NeXt Youth through October 11 for this interesting series about Identity and our relationship with God.

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Bishop to Speak at District Conference

The first-ever Green Country District Conference will take place at 3:00, October 11, at Claremore FUMC.  Sixty-three churches within the Green Country District will come together for a very short business meeting then a wonderful inter-district worship service featuring Bishop Robert E. Hayes, Jr.   The Grove praise band and a choir comprised of different churches within the district will provide worship music.

Various Oklahoma Methodist ministries will set up displays.  District Superintendent Emery Mason said, “after the service, everyone will have an opportunity to mingle, look at the displays and get to know people from other churches in the district.”

The Oklahoma Conference recently reorganized the Oklahoma districts.  Claremore FUMC had been a part of Bartlesville District.  Under the reorganization, Claremore FUMC is in Green Country District, makes up a great deal of northeastern Oklahoma.

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European Methodists Helping with Refugee Crisis

The refugee crisis in Europe continues to escalate as more people flee their home countries because of war, persecution and oppression.  Last weekend alone Austria saw 20,000 migrants arrive within its borders.  Bishop Patrick Streiff of Zurich released a statement to tell others about how the United Methodist Church in Eastern Europe is finding ways to be the hands and feet of Christ to those who end up at their doorsteps in crisis.

According to Streiff, distress of the migrants is most visible at borders between countries and at railway stations where their journeys are stalled.  At these places, members and friends of the United Methodist Church can be found providing emergency aid to those suffering.  Long before media coverage of the crisis captivated our attention, the Miss Stone Center, a diaconal institution of the UMC in Macedonia, provided refugees with bottled water and clothes.  Superintendent Wilfried Nausner, who works in Macedonia, does not expect the flow of refugees to stop anytime soon.

United Methodist congregations in Budapest, Hungary, provide emergency aid in transit zones like railway stations.  The Hungarian UMC is a member of the Hungarian Interchurch Aid which also helps to provide aid at rail stations.  The Wesleyan Alliance along with other churches and organizations have set up a baby bath center at Keleti Railway station.  Parents receive towels, soap and an opportunity to bathe their children.

Members and friends of the UMC in Vienna support many humanitarian activities in their city.  They provide aid at the Vienna Main Station, maintain a living community for unaccompanied minor refugees, provide German-language courses in their church rooms, and try to find appropriate housing options for refugees.

Connexio (the United Methodist mission board for Switzerland and France) and the Office of the Bishop of the UMC in Central and Southern Europe are seeking financial donations so members of the UMC can step up coordination efforts and continue to help those in dire need of assistance.  For information on how to donate, email urs.schweizer@umc-europe.org.  Connexio also has a donation page on their site:  http://www.connexio.ch/en/donations.html.

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